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Silencer MEDIUM 5 / 8×24 .300


308 Win (7.62×51)
Type of thread:
5 / 8×24 UNEF
Compatible weapons:
AR 10
stainless steel, D16T
Weight and dimensions:
weight – 600g., length – 230mm., diameter – 47mm.
Muffler, product passport, cardboard packaging, silencer pouch
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Silencer MEDIUM 5 / 8×24 .300

The ASTUR silencer is designed for use with 5 / 8×24 threaded sniper rifles and a 308 Win caliber.
This sound moderator is used both on semi-automatic carbines and on carbines with a longitudinally-sliding bolt.
The internal device of the silencer is an original circuit developed by the specialists of our company and is a classic “straight-through” seven-chamber circuit with a device for preliminary dissection of the gas stream.

Silencer ASTUR – is not a copy of any silencer of other brands .
The ASTUR silencer reduces the sound of a shot from 26D dB to 30 dB,  which is approximately 60% – 70% lower than the sound of a shot with a conventional (non-subsonic) cartridge. All power elements (bearing the main load) are made of stainless steel, the body is made of D16T. All elements made from D16T undergo chemical treatment (anodizing), which significantly increases their service life. Each sound moderator has its own original, serial number and passport describing the features of the installation and operation of the device.
The kit includes a pouch for storing and carrying the muffler. The pouch has a MOLLE mounting system, which will allow it to be fixed to a weapon case, backpack, etc. in a place convenient for you.

guarantee is provided for each device : one year or 2000 rounds. 
Sales of the ASTUR 5 / 8×24 series silencer . 308 began in 2016. During this time, the device has proven itself and has many positive reviews.
The sound moderator reduces the sound level of a shot as well as other silencers of its class by well-known world manufacturers, but costs less.
At the same time, ASTUR silencer shows very good results in reducing recoil and does not adversely affect the accuracy. In most cases, accuracy when shooting with an ASTUR silencer can even improve.
We do not recommend the ASTUR  sound moderator. liquids containing chemical solvents.
When using a sound moderator in adverse weather conditions  such as: rain, fog, sudden changes in temperature, we  recommend that the device be dried  (it can be purged with an air compressor) to remove liquid from the device body (water, condensate). This will protect the in-moderator from corrosion and oxidation. buy AK-47 pistols

It is necessary to pay attention: the silencer of the ASTUR 5 / 8×24 .308 series is designed for use with a cartridge of caliber 308 Win and NOT MORE !!!
For firing larger-caliber cartridges, silencers of the SPEAR 5 / 8×24 .300 series are intended. The
manufacturer reserves the right to make changes to the exterior design of the device.

MANAGE Silence  with  ASTUR
ASTUR – Manages the SILENCE


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