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carbines without thread on the barrel MEDIUM.

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carbines without thread on the barrel MEDIUM.

Very often, hunting carbines do not have a thread for installing muzzle devices, if there was a desire to install a DTK or a SILENCER, then there is essentially only one way out – to cut the thread on the barrel of the carbine.
Not many weapons workshops can do this correctly, so many shooters have doubts about the need for this procedure.
This kit allows you to avoid such operations with the barrel of the carbine!
It includes:  DTC adapter + silencer , which is installed on the DTC adapter. At the same time, you get an effective muzzle brake compensator and silencer! Buy gspc custom builds

Each DTK adapter is made individually, according to the size of the barrel of your carbine!
This kit includes a MEDIUM silencer which is designed to work with calibers up to 300 Win Mag inclusive . The length of the silencer is 230 mm., The weight is 600 g. 12 chambers are installed inside the device.
To order a kit, you need to measure the barrel of your carbine: barrel diameter at the muzzle and through 40mm. from the muzzle, below in the photo review there is a diagram of sizing from the barrel of a carbine.
All products of our company are covered by a  guarantee – 1 year or 1000 shots.
PLEASE NOTE: the  adapter must go at least 40mm into the barrel. and will rest against a section of a carbine barrel.
The collet should be located strictly below (for six hours). Tighten the screws on the collet. After that, a silencer can be screwed onto the DTC adapter.
For carbines with caliber up to 308 Win, it is possible, at the request of the customer, to manufacture a shortened SHORT device   (length 180 mm., Weight 500 g., 7 chambers).
We do not recommend the use of liquids containing chemical solvents to clean the sound moderator.
When using a sound moderator in adverse weather conditions  such as rain, fog, sudden changes in temperature, we  recommend that the device be dried  (it can be purged with an air compressor) to remove liquid from the device body (water, condensate). This protects the sauna moderator from corrosion and oxidation.
Each silencer has its own original serial number and product passport. The kit includes a pouch for storing and carrying the muffler. The pouch has a MOLLE mounting system, which will allow it to be fixed to a weapon case, backpack, etc. in a place convenient for you.
The manufacturer reserves the right to make changes to the external design of the device. If you have any questions about ordering the kit,  CALL US. 
Can be painted in standard colors  CERAKOTE :  black, khaki, TUNGSTEN, PATRIOT BROWN, OLIVE GREEN .
The samples shown in the photo are painted in KHAKI color  .

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