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KAK Shockwave Blade V2 Pistol Brace Kit


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KAK Shockwave Blade adjustable pistol brace (stabilizer) kit. This kit includes the Gen 2 Shockwave Blade, a dedicated buffer tube, and a castle nut. The buffer tube is important because it has five detent positions and is specifically designed to work with the Gen 2 Shockwave Blade.  The total combined weight of all three parts is only 8.1 oz. Length is adjustable with a simple finger lever, the five positions offer over 3″ of travel/adjustment and make this brace more functional for a wide variety of shooters.

Fits any pistol with AR type buffer tube threads available. Please note that our kit DOES NOT include any springs or buffer weights (although the buffer tube DOES accept carbine springs/weights).

  • Shockwave Blade Pistol Brace/Stabilizer Kit
  • Includes (1) KAK Shockwave Blade (Black or FDE)
  • Includes (1) Dedicated Blade Buffer Tube with Adjustment Detents
  • Includes (1) Mil-Spec Castle Nut with Staking Cuts
  • Total Weight of 8.1 oz
  • Approved by ATF For Use on Pistols


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