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Flobert Stribog SP9A2 cal. 6 mm


Manufacturer:Grand Power
Guarantee:2 years
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Flobert Stribog SP9A2 cal. 6 mm

Flobert Stribog SP9A2 cal. 6 mm is a free-selling version of the new successful submachine gun from Grand Power. Model SP9A2F is a flobert type weapon with bullet energy up to 7.5 J. This repeater flobert is produced in caliber 6 mm flobert. Total length without stock is 400 mm, total length with stock is 660 mm, the barrel has a length of 200 mm and weight is 2.65 kg. You can use the weapon without the stock as a pistol or with the folding stock included. The weapon is also equipped with a manual fuse and works by means of insertion reducers into which the flobert cartridge and a central inflammation to peripheral converter are inserted. GP Stribog SP9A2F works on the principle of bolt-action – repeated charging and ejection of ammunition by manual movement in the end, so it is not necessary to insert the reduction directly into the chamber. Suitable type of reduction – product code RA028. Package includes 5 pcs of reducers. The price includes two cartridges, one with a capacity of 10 rounds and the other with a capacity of 30 rounds and a plastic case.

The weapon is marked with the CIP mark and has stamped Slovak test marks. buy glock 17 gen


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