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9 mm silencer for MP5 H&K and MKE



9 mm
Type of thread:
Compatible weapons:
Heckler & Koch MP5 and MKE T94
D16 T, stainless steel
Weight and dimensions:
weight – 400g., length – 250mm., diameter – 38mm.
sound moderator, box, passport, pouch
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Buy 9 mm silencer for MP5 H&K and MKE

Buy 9 mm silencer for MP5 H&K and MKE Effective “integrated” silencer for rifles  Heckler & Koch MP5  and  MKE T94  with threaded barrel M15h1 caliber 9 mm
This saundmoderator “walks” on the barrel 70 mm, which allows you to keep the CD size of the rifle and to ensure maximum reduction of sound of a shot.
The silencer is designed to work with both a supersonic and a subsonic cartridge. you can also buy Glock 19 Gen 4 mos 9mm
Silencer collapsible. Using a special key, you can unscrew the front cover of the sound moderator and gain access to the internal chambers of the device for cleaning and maintenance.
Each silencer has its own original serial number and product passport.
The kit includes a pouch for storing and carrying the muffler.
The pouch has a MOLLE mounting system, which will allow it to be fixed to a weapon case, backpack, etc. in a place convenient for you.
When using a sound moderator in adverse weather conditions  such as: rain, fog, sudden changes in temperature, we  recommend that the device be dried  (it can be purged with an air compressor) to remove liquid from the device body (water, condensate). This protects the sauna moderator from corrosion and oxidation.
All ASTUR products are   covered by a warranty of 1 year or 1000 shots.
The manufacturer reserves the right to make changes to the external design of the device.

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